A brief history of me.....

Well, these pages have been running a little while now, and it seems that a fair few people stumble
across them, so I thought it was about time I added a bit of personal information about the author.

This is a work in progress, it may take me a while to get everything up, so bear with me.....

Where? When? Something like this:

  • 1988-1995: Ranelagh school, Bracknell
  • 1995-1999: Peterhouse college, Cambridge University
  • 1999-2000: Cambustion Ltd, Cambridge
  • 2000-2001: Yellowbike, North Adams, Massachusetts, USA
  • Nov 2001-Feb 2002: Yakage, Japan
  • Mar 2002: Mauritius and Majorca
  • Apr 2002-Aug 2002: Bike building, Bracknell
  • Jul 2002: First solo tour to Italy
  • Sep 2002: WHPSC, Nevada, USA
  • Nov 2002-Mar 2003: Kingcycle, High Wycombe
  • Mar 2003-May 2003: Wellington Trek, Sunningdale
  • Jun 2003-Jul 2003: TransAm tour, USA
  • Aug 2003-Nov 2003: Wellington Trek, Sunningdale
  • Nov 2003-Mar 2004: Winter trip, USA/Canada/Australia/NZ
  • Apr 2004-Sep 2004: Wellington Trek, Sunningdale
  • May 2004: A weekend in the Czech Republic for a wedding
  • Jul 2004: The TransAlp Challenge - read my teammate Duncan's report
  • Sep 2004-Oct 2004: Scotland, Massachusetts
  • Oct 2004-Apr 2005: Club LaSanta, Lanzarote (pictures)
  • Jul 2005: A week in the French Pyranees
  • Aug 2005: A trip to Italy to ride the Giro del Dolomite
  • Dec 2005-Apr 2006: Oregon, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia
  • Jun 2006: A trip to Arizona for an attempt on the world hour record
  • Jul 2006: The French Alps, including racing 'La Marmotte'
  • Oct 2006: Moved to Eugene, Oregon, USA to work for Bike Friday
  • Apr 2007: A return to Arizona for another crack at the world hour record
  • Jul 2007: The Cascade Creampuff 100 mile MTB race
  • Sep 2007: My first trip back to the UK since moving to Eugene
  • Dec 2007: Misha and I spend the holidays in New Zealand
  • Jun 2008: A weekend riding bikes in Philadelphia

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