Circles in the desert; another hpv hour record attempt

April 6th to 8th 2007

Thanks to Al Krause for the photos; run your cursor over the pictures for the captions.

a line of varnas awaits the track my seat for the weekend, with potential new top carefully wrapped up in the foreground Dave in his faired trike my trusty crew ready the Varna for battle... inside Ellen's Steve Nash built Varna, with added Rohloff getting taped in almost ready... Damjan and his cunning launch trolley the Rose Hulman university team, they were a lot of fun a fine collection of funny bikes in the desert (thanks to Gary Hill for the picture - and managing to get us all together for it!) and funny people too! lurking in the shade before the flying 200m arms up, back in the box fast Freddy about to set off a shivering Sam gets ready for his record setting hour loading up Freddy's lap splits from last year are written on the screen.... Am I done now? Can I get up? I can, I can stand! then again, perhaps I'll just sit down for a bit.... the numbers, that is just fast! congratulations from Mike of Nissan Steve Nash could have had a promising career as a flim star... the start of my hour run on Sunday. It was a tad breezy.... Thanks to Richard Fleury (writing for Mazda magazine) for this and some of the other shots alright, lets just get on with it then running at around 55mph on the back straight Sam points me in to the catchers whilst Al gives me the chequered flag Ah, I'm done! not nearly as hot as last year, but still warm... great handling bike George, you rock! I stayed upright, yay! The 'full-lock' sequence, number one.... ...number two.... you think I was maybe trying to demonstrate a point? I broke 50mph, hurrah! the tame roadrunner at Nissan. Meep Meep! Sam and Damjan join me on the record setting podium