Monday 26th June

Woke up and got up at 5am – could have slept more, but I want to keep my body clock close to UK time, since our track time starts at five in the morning…. After Duncan got up we had breakfast, and then about 9:00 Dave called – he had arrived at the resort in Casa Grande the day before. We arranged for him to come and pick me up, which he duly did a couple of hours later. I checked into my room – the venue for the event is the Francisco Grande Resort, which is primarily golf orientated, but is five miles outside Casa Grande in the right direction for the track (a further 15 miles away) – and then we (Dave, his partner Becky and I) reassembled to sort out what to do next. A local rider, Ron, had heard about the event and got involved – he had offered his air conditioned garage to anyone who needed to do some work. I suggested we call him and head over there to get me fitted into the Varna. Ron and his wife Lori were really friendly and helpful, and after a few hours we had rejigged the seat and got me comfortably installed. I was starting to get pretty tired by now, what with the jet-lag and general lack of sleep. But before the light faded, Ron took us out to show us a couple of potential trial run spots, during which we were treated to an incredible electrical storm (and even some rain!) across the flat desert plain. Then it was back to base and time to sleep!

we were able to get the seat positioned so I fitted perfectly. . bike fettling

Tuesday 27th June