Giro delle Dolomiti 2005; Rest day

Wednesday 3rd August
Rest day! Really nice not to have to get up early. I still woke up promptly, but lay in until we had a leisurely breakfast at 9:30. Tim wanted to train more, so set off with the intention of riding the Stelvio – he actually found this would have been a bit too far, but found an alternative and still got in over 100 miles in the mountains. Ah, the foolishness of youth! Matthew had disappeared before we were up, presumably to go report the break-in to the police. Unfortunately he also had Shannon’s bike in the car, leaving him unable to ride. However, Alex’s knee needed rest, so when we all drove down to town, he and Shannon went to look round whilst Matt, Tom, James and I went for a spin up the valley. A pleasant 36km later, and we walked into the town centre to get something for lunch. The boys wanted to look round the bikeshops – I wanted to rest, so left them to it and drove back up the hill. I cleaned my bike, shaved my legs and showered, then just chilled out and watched a movie. Meanwhile, Matthew arrived back and took himself off for a ride, and Tim also returned from his rather more strenuous ride. By 7pm the others weren’t back, so Tim and I went out for dinner, then I got an early night whilst everyone went out to eat.

The view from our accomodation Bolzano by night Mmmm, lunch!

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