Giro delle Dolomiti 2005

Back in June I bumped into Matt Melville at the track, and
he mentioned he was organising a trip to do a stage race in
Italy, and that there might be space free in the eight man
team. Sure enough, I got an email the next week, and so I
signed up. The event was to be in Murcia, a bit of a chipper
race that Matt has done before, but seven days of relatively
short, fast stages. Matt had organised some accomodation,
so the rest of us booked our flights, and all was well.... Until
the race got cancelled with a couple of weeks to go.... So
now what? Matt did some searching around and found us
another event, but something rather different, being a six day
race in the Dolomites. But it sounded good to me, and better
to go do something specific than just turn it into a training
trip. So we changed our flights, and found somewhere to
stay, and rocked off into the unknown. Here's the diary:
  • Saturday 30th July
  • Sunday 31st July, Stage 1
  • Monday 1st August, Stage 2
  • Tuesday 2nd August, Stage 3
  • Wednesday 3rd August, Rest day
  • Thursday 4th August, Stage 4
  • Friday 5th August, Stage 5
  • Saturday 6th August, Stage 6
  • The race website can be found at: