Crimble time....

Sunday 17th December '06
The weather is very changable here; it seems to alternate between mild and wet and freezing cold and (mostly)
dryer. Except of course when it is freezing and wet, which means snow in town (appartently pretty unusual),
and ice on the bikepath - I only had one mild crash on the way to work that day. Here's an arty picture from
my apartment window of the snowy courtyard at the end of November:

Bike Friday has a Christmas ornament competition, the idea to be festively creative with stuff from your work
area. So I built a tree from chainrings and sprockets, painted it green, mounted it on a bottom bracket so it can
be spun, and decorated it with swarf from the lathe and some little LED lights a friend gave me a few years
ago. Instant Christmas Tree! The voting was via what generated the most claps and cheers; my tree ended up
a very close (we had to have a cheer-off!) second, with Hugh's very clever Rudolf and sleigh made from rack
stays and reflectors just taking the win. But, getting to choose second from Alan's bumper box of prizes, I
scooped a very cool pair of '90s retro Cook Bros cranks, so very pleased with that!