New Zealand trip, 2009/10

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Nelson from 'the centre of new zealand'

Another birdseye view of Nelson, our future home....

The road up the valley was our way out to the crazy dirt road, more of which later...

Evening stroll up the hill

One of the many gorgeous beaches

Start of the dirt road - easy to ride here....

The first pushing section, still smiling!

Joe could ride more sections than I could; Misha left me to try and get the tandem up and hoofed it


Okay, I need a little break....

Great views at the top, though that didn't mean the downhill would necessarily be that much easier...

Happier times back on paved roads!

Riding 20 miles past views like this, suddenly the hills don't hurt so much

Ferry to the North island

Turn a container into a house. Need more room? Just add stories!

yep, stacked four high

Riding from our base in Maraetai

View from our balcony

Me and the missus