Bike Friday Pocket Rocket

I first saw one of these great little folding bikes about ten years ago, and thought it was a fantastic idea - no more
struggling to take a bike everywhere, just another suitcase to pick up on the way out the door. However, being US
made, by the time they got to the UK they were too expensive. Then in 2000 when I was working in the States, I
realised it was the perfect opportunity to get one, especially with a trip to Australia coming up. So I called them up
with the dimensions of my Trek, and two weeks later got my little red Rocket. They send it with an adjustable
stem, which you then ride with for a bit, and once you have the position dialed you send it back and they make a
custom one to suit. This is the only bike I have ever paid full price for, and it has been worth every cent. The
suitcase transforms into a trailer, in which form I have ridden to the airport several times, before spending five
minutes to pack the bike and check in. And flying internally in the US it means an end to bicycle charges, 'cos they
don't know its a bike! It really does ride just like a regular bike - its only when you see your reflection in a shop
window that you notice the funny little wheels. I've ridden it all over the world, including being my only bike in
Japan for four months (where I won a hillclimb riding it), and touring across France to Italy.

The go anywhere bike, five minutes to case or back to bike. Every cyclist should have one!


Frame: Bike Friday Pocket Rocket folding cro-mo
Fork: Bike Friday cro-mo, 451
Seatpost: unbranded aluminium
Saddle: Selle Italia Flite Gel
Stem: Bike Friday custom
Handlebars: 3TTT modified
Brake/Shift Levers: Campagnolo Daytona Ergopower
Front Brake: Campagnolo Daytona dual pivot
Rear Brake: Campagnolo Daytona dual pivot
Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Daytona cartridge
Chainset: Campagnolo Daytona 170mm, 48/56
Pedals: Wellgo spd
Chain: Campagnolo 9spd
Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Daytona
Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Daytona
Cassette: Campagnolo Daytona, 11-23 9spd
Front Wheel: Campagnolo Daytona hub, Sun 451 rim, 24H
Rear Wheel: Campagnolo Chorus hub, Sun 451 rim, 24H
Tyres: Primo Comet 20x11/8"
Wheel skewers: Campagnolo
Bottle cage: Cateye
Computer: Cateye Mity3, Ciclosport HAC4

Weight: 22lbs