Langdale 531 Track

Being keen to race the student track champs at Manchester, and also to use a fixed gear bike for
hillclimbs, I bought this bike from a fellow student. It was a little big for me, but the position worked out
okay - I did refer to it as my 'gate' though! It served me well until the student champs in 1998. During the
points race something went wrong - not sure what happened first, but the sprocket stripped off the hub,
and the chain broke into two pieces, whipping the frame enough to dent it in the process. Someone rode
over a piece of my chain on the track! I had my Dave Russell frame already at that point, so the Langdale
got hung up for a while before being passed onto a mate, who has also just had it hanging up for some
time! Hopefully it will be repaired and be back in use sometime.

Track racing and hillclimbing.