Bike Friday Doubleday tandem

Misha and I have enjoyed riding our Bike Friday TiLite tandem, but Misha has trouble with her neck and thus has also
struggled a little with being comfortable. So I pulled down an early DoubleDay recumbent tandem prototype from the
rafters at work, spruced it up somewhat, and we have been enjoying riding it - with Misha very happy on the back - since.
The stoker position is basically stock, but to get myself comfortable on the front took a bit of work. First I turned the
toptube clamp over, effectively lowering the top tube by a few inches, and thus enabling a lower seat height (and
correspondingly maximising the seat to crank distance). Then I fabricated new mounts to enable me to mount an Optima
carbon seat in place of the stock Bike Friday mesh version - I have always gotten on well with a rigid seat. Originally the
bike had underseat steering, but not only do I not like this position, but there was play in the linkage that made steering
somewhat of a challenge! I ended up using the same bars, mounted upside down in a regular Bike Friday stem; this keeps
my arms in my prefered stretched out position and just gives room for my knees under the bar. The bike is still a bit twitchy
on low speed climbs, but I am getting better at holding it steady. I put fenders on the bike, but it turned out that at speed
spray would come off the front wheel, over the crank and up to hit me in the face! An additional fender on the front of the
fork took care of this.

Comfortable tandem cruising with my honey!


Frame: Bike Friday Doubleday folding
Fork: Bike Friday cro-mo, 406
Headset: 1-1/4" threaded
Rear seat: Bike Friday recumbent
Front seat: Optima carbon with custom mounts
Stem: Bike Friday custom ultralight
Handlebars: Bike Friday recumbent
Brake Levers: Avid SD-7
Shifters: SRAM X.0 right, SRAM Dualdrive left
Front Brake: Tektro short V-brake
Rear Brake: SRAM V-brake
Bottom Brackets: Shimano Ultegra
Chainsets: Shimano Ultegra 165mm, 39T timing rings, 46T final drive
Pedals: Shimano dual sided SPD
Chain: Shimano 9spd
Rear Derailleur: SRAM X.9 short cage
Cassette: Shimano 11-32 9spd
Front Wheel: Hope titanium hub, Sun rim, 32H
Rear Wheel: SRAM Dualdive hub, Sun rim, 32H
Tyres: Various
Bottle cage: Cateye
Computer: Cateye wireless
Weight: Heavy!