The Kingcycle Mango

(and don't she look pretty now?)

Miles has been busy filling the workshop with dust again, and a few coats of paint later, we have a very pretty Mango that looks like it's
namesake. And so time to test again..... This time we managed to get on to Millbrook proving ground, where the Kingcycle Bean set
the world hour record ten years ago. An almost perfect track; a completely level 2 mile circumference circular track which apparently
was the biggest building site in Europe when it was built. But like I said, almost perfect.... Sadly the last ten years hasn't done the
concrete surface many favours. It felt smooth enough at 17mph on my road bike, but once over 40mph in Mango it was really bumpy.

The good news however, was that I was able to lap at 50mph, despite the bumps - our little baby does what she is supposed to! We
just need to find a track to have a proper go at the hour record - the only one we know of is in Germany - how about it Opel?

In the meantime we are doing the final preparations for Battle Mountain. I am planning on doing daily web updates once we are there,
they should be online at

We had a little photo shoot, so here's the results: