The Hachi - completed!

(ain't she pretty....)

Amazing what a bit of professional finishing will do. In keeping with the Wasp theme I went for yellow and black, bzzzzz! And so without further ado:
even looks fast standing still!

After initial testing I had to make a couple of changes. The first was to the intermediate drive, where the spindle required supporting both ends to stop
it bending under power! The second was to fit a longer stem - since these photos were taken I have made and fitted a one-piece ahead bar/stem with
170mm of reach. This allows my hands to sit just above my knees with my elbows in front of my chest. Incidently the bar/stem weighs only 125g. I
also had a few problems with the final chain tensioner, but eventually got this resolved. I still had a couple of chain incidents in Lelystad at the
European championships, but that is the risk of using a new bike.....

neat and tidy shiny shiny

mmmmmn, carbon

The picture above shows the carbon fibre chain-guard so that the bike meets European regulations. It also has a rubber stop attached inside to act as
a chain keeper. I managed to get this right first time, unlike the rear wheel disc covers, which took three attempts to get the amount of dish correct.....
vroom vroom

sorted.............. birdseyeview

there is just something about carbon in the sun ain't there?

Initial testing suggests that it is at least as fast as the Baron with tailbox, plus much lighter and with a position that feels more comfortable and more
powerful. It certainly got a lot of attention in Lelystad, certainly nothing else quite like it out there!