Round the world in four months, winter '03/4

I don't like the cold. Or the dark. Or the damp. So wintering in England has never been much fun. I
survived it last year, just about, but mainly through having a great training partner to do stupid amounts of
riding with (thanks Cam!). So this year I decided to head to warmer climes - with several friends in
Australia and New Zealand, and having long wanted to visit the latter, it was just a case of finding the
money for the flight.... But then I figured I might as well stop off in the States along the way (which handily
also tripled my baggage allowance all the way round), to call into see some folk on the West coast too.
After much emailing and sorting out of dates, I finally had a plan and everything booked:

  • 26th Nov: Fly to San Francisco and spend a week in Aptos
  • 2nd Dec: On to Las Vegas
  • 8th Dec: Back to San Francisco
  • 15th Dec: Up to Eugene, Oregon for two days to see Bike Friday
  • 17th Dec: Next country - Canada for a week
  • 24th Dec: Cunning plan to avoid Christmas - fly over the international date line en route to Sydney
    and miss it altogether!
  • 10th Jan: After a couple of weeks in Sydney, hit touring mode for a week's ride down to Melbourne
  • 17th Jan: Arrive in Melbourne
  • 26th Jan: On to New Zealand, first stop Wellington for a few weeks
  • 19th Feb: North Island touring
  • 1st Mar: Meet my sister in Northland
  • 5th Mar: Back to Wellington
  • 7th Mar: Karapoti mountain bike race
  • 8th Mar: Cross to the South Island and continue the tour
  • 15th Mar: Arrive in Wanaka for a week or so
  • 26th Mar: Bus to Christchurch
  • 28th Mar: Fly home via Singapore
(please follow links for various scriblings and pictures)